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2015 Rosé

It was with a sense of great excitement that we visited our growers in Heathcote to see extremely high quality Sangiovese fruit from 2015. Excellent flavour development at low Be’ lead to the decision to pick a number of parcels over those coming weeks to provide key components for the wine. As is now the practice all parcels were farmed off to old French oak in various sizes (225L-2800L) for fermentation with a lot of lees work for texture.

Although our first thoughts are always about flavour before appearance the 2015 is striking in appearance, Pale in colour with a light onion skin rim it is very attractive, the wine is packed full of subtle red fruits, crab apple & herb aromatics, multi pick parcels help deliver a textured complete wine that is dry yet has satisfying intensity of flavour.

Spring & summer here we come!

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